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Preparations for Women’s Arts Festival (Wafest) to be held in November have begun with organisers calling for exhibitors to start registering. One of the organisers Courage Chinokwetu said preparations have started in earnest and will this year run under the theme “Testing the Limits”.

“Building on last year’s theme “challenging the visible discovering the invisible”, this year’s women’s arts festival theme is ‘Testing the Limits’. The theme inspires women to step out of their comfort zones, take risks and push the boundaries created by societal norms.

The theme addresses the different subsets of inequality produced by an unequal society,”said Chinokwetu.

“The theme also seeks to challenge the sincerity and political will of legislators and questions their priorities and address the hypocrisy of a society that claims to aance equality for all and yet on the other hand discriminate against women.”

Chinokwetu said the entry forms were now available at their offices and the deadline of entry submissions is August 30.

Wafest is a national event, which celebrates women’s creativity through art.

It empowers, develops, educates and supports women in theatre and other art forms.

The festival seeks to challenge the discrimination of women in art, fighting for recognition and their voice to be heard in the industry, giving them an opportunity to also network share ideas and skills and reaching out to other women.

The festival supports women in claiming their rights as enshrined in the constitution.

Wafest addresses these issues through various performances with women putting their stories in art, focusing on the various roles they play in their society and creating dialogue about their challenges and celebrating their triumphs.

Source : The Herald