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ZIMBABWE women’s rugby team finished fourth at the Confederation of African Cup tournament held in Nairobi, Kenya, at the weekend. The team lost 10-43 to South Africa in the Cup semi-final.The Zimbabweans had won two of their three pool matches after beating hosts Namibia, Uganda but lost to Tunisia.

The team’s best game was against the hosts whom they thumped 0-33.

Team manager Susan Kamukai said the team played with gusto and confidence in all their matches.

“The ladies have showed tremendous heart and a great fighting spirit and willingness to keep growing the game of rugby. We came back ranked fourth on the African continent, with South Africa, Kenya and Tunisia ahead of us.

“Most officials and spectators that were able to watch Zimbabwe in Tunisia last year were impressed by how much we have improved. The ladies fought a good fight,” said Kamukai.

Source : The Herald