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For us, seasons move briskly from hot to cold, and gloriously hot again, which I think, is the reason why the notion of creating a new look for the season is not one we gly adhere to.

However, I would like to propose a change in this attitude, given that there is a greater access to trends, and clothing in general, locally, and because it is always nice to walk past someone in the street who has carefully considered how they are going to present themselves.

It all comes down to having a bit of fun with fashion and dressing up, which I find more fun to do in winter considering we actually wear more. Here are some trends to try out and start thinking outside of the sartorial box.

We start with a practical notion, for once in fashion, of layering. This season we see new shapes and cuts layered over each other such as long, oversized sweatshirts on top of mid-length skirts, cropped jumpers layered over-thick, cotton shirt dresses, trousers under skirts, skirts on skirts, and all encapsulated in a functional oversized coat or jacket.

Mix different wintry colours in the layers for a better effect. This might seem like a weighty proposition but think how well it works in our winter where frosty mornings melt into sunny afternoons that becoming chilly again at night. This look gives you the luxury to add and remove layers accordingly.

Ok, this is Zimbabwe not Paris or London, the sun still shines in summer and therefore our outlook will never be completely grey and gloomy.

However, to take a more subversive approach (fashion is about testing the norms after all), this winter, go over to the dark side — black is the new black. This looks interesting when done in different fabrics to add texture so think shiny patent leather, mixed with wool or heavy matte cottons with cosy cashmere.

Interestingly this trend has also been adopted in the season’s beauty looks with black lipsticks and nail varnishes for an austere appearance. You can play it safe and pretty with dark plum lip colours or gloss, or make the eyes the focus by using black kohl eye-liner and lashings of mascara for drama.

So as I mentioned this winter is all about subversion as we move from gothic black, to grunge. This is not the grunge of the 90s (thank goodness!) This is a sophisticated grunge, which, surprisingly, is quite easy to pull off. It’s about keeping it sophisticated but mixing pieces in ways that are not the norm.

So, pairing a checked shirt with a floral or lace skirt, ripped denim and studs, with a stark white shirt and leather jacket. Jewellery is similarly incongruous such as layers of chains and studs that are entwined with pearls and shiny stones.

The smoky eye is the beauty look to add a sultry but edgy appeal. Achieve this with charcoal, silver or deep purple eye-shadow, cat-eye liner and a brush of mascara. Berry tones on lips from deep merlot red to purple finish it off.

This season girls continue to borrow from the boys with references to masculine tailoring and menswear.

New shapes such as slouchy, tapered-leg trousers and tuxedo style jackets are super modern and can be made feminine when worn over a ruffled blouse or silk T-shirt. This look is minimal and clean, easy but chic. It’s a less is more aesthetic.

Keep it cool with flat, black patent leather brogues, loafers or slippers or play the power woman with a pair of stilettos in black, electric blue or fuschia for a burst of colour.

Your handbag can be equally discreet in matte leather without any hard-wear or ornamentation.

Metal Jewellery and cuffs in silver and bronze add to the architectural nature of the look, or just throw on a simple pair of hoop earrings, and you’re good to go.

Keep makeup minimal and natural with a shock of bold red, pink or orange lipstick. Minimal hair is also best such as a high bun, super straightened lengths, or a closely cropped cut.

Fashion likes to oscillate from one extreme to the other so while we are embracing minimalism we won’t let go of jewels, beading, shine and embellishment to the maximum!

Opulent jewel tones like shiny ruby, emerald and velvety amethyst are decorated with different prints, mixes of rich, heavy fabrics and the adornment of shapes like flowers and other exotic ornaments. You can add accessories like blingy brooches and costume jewellery to update your plain pieces and get this look. The mantra here is go bigger and bolder, for the all-out glam gal.

As seen at Dolce ampabbana, florals are still blooming but have gone dark for winter. Vivid blues and rich reds set against black and navy will see your wardrobe blossom in the winter months. I still love a floral look and this darker, more abstract element brings it out of the pretty, little girl’s closet for a sophisticated womanly look. These prints work best as separates so contrast mixed prints or pair them with a bold block colour-like one of the season’s rich jewel tones.

Looking at these trends it is clear that this season’s woman is decadent, dark and has an air of mystery. She is also somewhat subversive and g, standing out in the crowd in a way that only fashion can allow us to. Why not try it out for yourself?


Source : The Herald