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A gardener yesterday approached the Harare Civil Court seeking a protection order against a maid at the house where he works, whom he accused of coming to him naked and demanding sex whenever their boss is away. Bright Machisa told the court that the maid, Emilia Chikonye, was trying by all means to entice him.

The two’s ages were not revealed in court.

Machisa revealed that Chikonye was in the habit of coming outside the house naked and taking a bath in the yard whenever their boss was off to work.

“This old woman is abusing me every time when our boss leaves for work,” he said.

“It all started last year when she invited me into her room to watch soccer which I refused. From that day, she started following me to the bathroom naked showing me her privates and persuading me to have sex with her.

“Now, she is in the habit of calling me Snowy (employer’s dog) and whenever she sees me cooking she spits in the pot for no clear reason. I respect her as a mother because she is old enough to be my mother, but she ignores that.

“I once reported the matter to our boss, but he aised me to ignore her, but now I can’t take it any more as she comes out of the house naked and takes a bath in the yard where I will be doing my work.”

Chikonye refuted the claims as fabrications, saying Machisa was the one who scolded her every time when their boss left for work. She only admitted to spitting at Machisa once in December last year after he had insulted her.

“This man is in the habit of telling me that he doesn’t love me each time when our boss is away, but I never told him that I love him,” she said.

Magistrate Ms Gamuchirai Siwardi ordered the two to bring their employer to court for continuation of trial.

Source : The Herald