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Worship Addicts are in another flight of creativity with a hot new offering entitled “Kuregerera in Aance.” The single is featured on the group’s compilation “Worship Addicts Select One” which was recently launched at AFM’s annual convention in Rufaro.

Also featured on the compilation are tracks “Unonakirwa,” “Ndinobudirira Chete,” “Show Me Your Face,” “Ndinoshuvira,” “Looking to You” and “Kune Zita.”

The compilation carry the group’s signature worshipper-at-heart ethic, while indulging touches of humour in some of the tracks.

“Kuregerera in Aance” is an emotive and lyrically varied track about forgiveness where the persona changes from a cheated spouse to a dumped child to a maligned pastor, in each case granting unreserved forgiveness to offenders.

Worship Addicts leader Takesure Zamar Ncube’s imposing voice jolts the audience to attention from the outset as he alternates between looking at life conflicts and urging the triumph of forgiveness. The Beitbridge-born psalmist told Herald Entertainment that “Kuregerera in Aance” promotes forgiveness and peace in families, churches and, ultimately, the nation.

“In the song I handle different situations. There is a child who is calling to an irresponsible father whom he has never seen all his life but he has a forgiving heart which says daddy wherever you are just know that I love you,” Zamar said.

“It challenges even a pastor to say his congregation he is aware of the things they say about him but he has already forgiven them.

“When we fall in love, we are fully aware that the companions to whom we tie ourselves are fallible hence the concept of forgiving in aance,” he said.

“There you go on Whatsapp, flirting with other guys, my heart is aching but I forgive.

“As the Lord forgave me, I have already forgiven you in aance,” translates some of the lyrics.

“Mama, I heard you once dumped into a bin but I forgive you.

“Daddy, we have never met, I had you disowned pregnancy, but I love and forgive as the Lord forgave me.

“As for you congregates, I know you will backbite, ‘The pastor is stealing money he no longer has power, he no longer has the message, his wife can’t dress’ but I forgive you as the Lord forgave me, I also forgive you,” goes the song.

The other tracks are culled from different albums in the group’s devotional series. “Unonakirwa,” is a humorous jam with a sungura-like feel, is about the thrill of having the Holy Spirit in one’s life. The persona narrates his first day in a charismatic church when he is invited upfront but determines not to fall lest he compromise his swagger in front girls. Before he knows it he is on the floor in glossolalic convulsions.

“Ndinobudirira Chete” urges Christian to be wary of making wrong confession since life and death are in power of the tongue.

One of the group’s most popular track “Ndinoshuvira” is a laid-back but forceful worship track where the persona longs for the presence of God as a heart pants for a drinking brook.

“Show Me Your Face” and “Looking to You” extol the Lord Jesus and express a meek and dependent attitude to God.

Zamar has previously recorded six albums with the Worship Addicts band which was incepted in 2010.

Their debut offering was “Praise Addicts Vol 1” in 2011. The group has proven to be prolific by recording six more albums, some of them double-CDS, in the space of three years.

Source : The Herald