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A woman on Monday summoned her neighbour to the Harare Civil Court, accusing her of pouring buckets of water into her house and breaking her windowpanes. Martha Dzobo claimed Deliwe Ushe was in the habit of coming to her house where she grabs all her shoes and throws them on the roof. Dzobo was seeking a peace order against Ushe whom she accused of breaching her peace and embarrassing her.

“This woman is violent towards me at all times and she has the guts to pour buckets of water in my house,” she said.

Ushe denied the allegations that were being levelled against her and accused the complainant of being the aggressor.

“She is lying that I verbally and physically abuse her because everyone in the neighbourhood knows that she is violent,” she said.

Ushe claimed Dzobo broke her own windowpanes when they fought last year in November.

“I am surprised she is accusing me of being a violent person yet she is the one who starts everything,” said Ushe.

Ms Kamangira ordered both parties to bring witnesses to court today.

Source : The Herald