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It was a hectic day at the Harare Magistrates’ Court yesterday as magistrate Mr Tendai Mahwe and prosecutor Ms Francesca Mukumbiri dealt with cases allegedly committed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Twenty-one touts out of the 29 brought to court yesterday pleaded guilty to touting at Charge Office Bus Terminus in Harare on Christmas Day.

The 21 who admitted to disturbing peace at the bus terminus were fined US$100 each or 20 days in prison.

In mitigation, the 22 pleaded to be spared of a custodial sentence maintaining that they did not bring any physical harm or monetary loss to anyone.

They blamed the economic hardships caused by unemployment for engaging in touting.

However, the seven who pleaded not guilty were remanded in custody to December 29 for bail application.

In another case which occurred on December 24, Simbarashe Nyikadzino (37) was fined US$40 for assaulting a passenger he was sitting next to in a commuter omnibus.

Nyikadzino pleaded guilty to hitting Gerald Matsvororo with a bicycle pump in his face but blamed it all on too much beer he had consumed.

The court heard that while the pair was travelling Nyikadzino started complaining that he was not seated comfortably but Matsvororo accused him of being talkative and fidgeting.

An altercation ensued and what happened next is what landed Nyikadzino in court.

There was no peace at No. 550 15th Close in Hatcliffe in Harare on Christmas Eve after Progress Ncube (31) assaulted his mother and threatened to burn down her house.

As if that was not enough Ncube came home drunk again on Christmas Day and slapped his mother in the face several times.

Ncube pleaded guilty and told the court that his mother had done nothing wrong but blamed it on too much beer. He was remanded in custody to Monday for his sentence.

A Ministry of Foreign Affairs employee, Timothy Myambo (45), lost US$6 000, R4 000 and a Rolex watch to Dickson Mutashu (30) with whom he was involved in an accident.

It is alleged that Mutashu sweet-talked Myambo into going to Ruwa to solve the accident dispute but later robbed him with help from his four accomplices. Mutashu was remanded in custody to Monday.

Court proceedings came to a halt after accused Charles Makuro (34) suffered an epileptic seizure.

Makuro was accused of assaulting his wife, Reddie Maongera (31), after coming home drunk on Christmas Day and found his wife awake, waiting for him. However, Makuro told the court that he did not have the power to assault his wife and the matter was remanded to January 12 next year.

Meanwhile, Timothy Jonasi (33) bit his wife’s nose and assaulted her for waking him up to go to work. Jonasi was fined US$100 or 20 days in prison.

Source : The Herald