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What a loaded week it was, typically. It is the week in which Zanu-PF swept all the 16 seats that were up for grabs in the by-elections. Did we just say up for grabs? Nay, not exactly!

The seats were donated to zanu-pf by Morgan Tsvangirai, the leader of the opposition MDC-T who triggered the by-elections by seeking the expulsion from Parliament of party defectors only for him to boycott the subsequent polls.

Talk of that proverbial snake that bites that which it does not eat.

Or cutting off your nose to spite the face.

Whatever his motivations and wisdom, or lack of it, it served zanu-pf well.

It was in these pages, if the reader remembers well that, we noted that Tsvangirai loved it in the opposition.

He would not have it any other way, perhaps because he knows his deficiencies well which deficiencies would be exposed by his opponents.

It is not everyday that you have enemies like that.

zanu-pf, the ruling party, has to give thanks to the Almighty for this godsend called MDC-T.

Now at MDC-T’s expense, zanu-pf is going to have some 84 percent majority in the House of Assembly which is very flattering indeed for a party that only a few years ago was forced to share power with the MDC-T.

What zanu-pf does with its majority is its business.

At least we trust the party to use that opportunity to aance the wishes of the majority who elected it into power.

That is what many people are waiting for.

Meanwhile, Morgan Tsvangirai has pretty next to nothing by way of strategic clues regarding what to do with its boycott of these by-election.


Life is supposed to move on.

After all, as we have seen, the snake is so spiteful as to bite what it won’t eat.

That is the MDC-T for you.

Dokora is right

Now, Lazarus Dokora (pictured above), the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, is one guy not so loved in this country.

He has been associated with all the wrongs in the education system in the country and, for some reason, he has not himself much.

He has been issuing many a directive from banning extra lessons to introducing cellphones in schools.

At the moment he is caught up on what seems like an endless exercise of curriculum review.

We do think that Dokora is not a bad guy.

He is simply misunderstood.

Spend a couple of minutes with the guy and you understand his philosophical approach to education and culture and history more than you could glean from newspaper headlines.

Newspapers of course are not generally in the business of substance but of sound-bites – and that is a problem.

Speaking of which, a story in one daily caught the eye this week.

The story was titled, “Dokora curriculum to ‘force’ pupils salute flag”.

You cannot escape the drift there — that Dokora is so evil as to force children to pay homage to something hideous, possibly as hideous as bowing down to the Devil.

Dokora explained, reportedly to a parliamentary committee: “The proposed curriculum review will include introduction of a national school pledge for the infant school module, junior and secondary school to instil values of pride to be Zimbabweans,” Dokora said.

This pledge would go something like this: “Almighty God in whose hands our future lies, I salute the national flag, I commit to honesty and dignity of hard work”.

He explained that for the junior and secondary school levels, the national pledge would be a longer version which would take on matters of diversity, freedom, acknowledgement of mothers and fathers who lost their lives in the struggle and commitment to honesty and the dignity of hard work in order to give it a personal touch.

He says the words to be used in the school pledge were derived from the Constitution, adding he did not anticipate any problems with it as it was supported by the Constitution.

Then Dokora declared: “If people challenge it, I am willing to stand by it. Other jurisdictions like America have a school pledge and every day they recite it.”

Dokora is right on this one and he has our support.

By the way, what is taught at school is not “forced”, that’s how it is supposed to be: transmission of values and ethos and in this case national values and ethos.

And there is nothing wrong about it.

At least we can expect a breed of patriotic youths who will recognise and appreciate their national flag and identify with the struggles and aspirations of the land.

It is called patriotism, and how so handy will it come at a time when young people are being misled into identify with alien flags such as the American Stars and Stripes or the British Union Jack.

These symbols, imperialist symbols, have become commonplace even on clothes that are worn by young people.

That must stop.

We must identify with our own colours.

By the way, the American school pledge that Dokora was referring to goes something like this:

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag

Of the United States of America,

And to the Republic for which it stands:

One Nation under God, indivisible,

With Liberty and Justice for all.”

If Americans can do it, why can’t we?

Dokora is right, this time.

Let’s expel ourselves from Fifa

The picture of national soccer team coach Callisto Pasuwa clutching a blanket as he was boarding a Munorurama bus to Malawi where the national team is playing a Nations Cup qualifier is going to stay with us forever as a reminder of how far we have sunk in football.

The national team, due to the ever-bungling national body Zifa, failed to travel to Malawi after a justified protest by players and thus missed the Air Malawi plane that was supposed to take them to that land.

Now, yesterday after being bailed, once again by Prophet Walter Magaya, they had to travel by road all the way to Blantyre and had to use cross-border buses.

What a shame!

We do not blame the players, who Zifa was offering just $15 as allowances to play for the nation.

We blame Zifa and the ever-bungling Cuthbert Dube and his sidekick Jonathan Mashingaidze.

They have brought shame to our national game.

The players have not trained meaningfully in the run-in to this game and they had to travel 600km from Harare to Blantyre just hours before the game.

Let’s hope the Munorurama bus is not breaking down between the time of writing and as you read.

Otherwise the players may have to go from the bus straight onto the pitch. Or miss the fixture completely.

That is how the national game has been destroyed by Cuthbert Dube, Mashingaidze and their cohorts.

The best thing to happen now is to have the Government intervening to stop this national embarrassment.

Enough is enough.

Do we care if we are banned by Fifa?

No, we don’t!

That is why we should now expel ourselves from that body so we put our house in order.

We won’t be the first ones to do so, either.

Source : The Herald