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Today I will share with you on the power of seeing. Someone once said that many people look but very few people see. When you look at something you just browse through and don’t even make a mental note of it but when you see you get right into the core of it, you digest it and you can even begin to think deeply on it. What you see and how you see it will do something in your life.

That is why it is important what you see. Be careful of what you see. How do you see yourself? How do you see your life? Do you know sometimes we fail to do things because of the way we perceive? The moment you see a challenge as too big to overcome or the moment you see yourself not qualifying to live in that house or having that job you have already failed. In life what you see and how you see it matters. It determines the whole course of your life. It is important therefore, to be careful of what you see and how you see, for you become what you see. Beloved we are products of what we see. Read on and discover divine secrets of how you can shift and change the course of your life through seeing – seeing rightly, seeing the Word of God with the eye of revelation.

In Numbers 13: 28-33 we read an interesting story of the 12 spies sent by Moses to spy on the land of Canaan, whether the people that lived there were g or weak and whether the land was flowing with milk and honey. They came back with the fruit of the land and announced that indeed the land was flowing in milk and honey. However, ten of the twelve spies had seen things differently. They said yes the land is flowing in milk and honey, but “there we saw giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants, and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.” verse 33. Before they had even attempted they had already seen themselves as failures.

They saw the blessing and not the blesser. They saw themselves as grasshoppers, that is a g word to describe one self. If you read carefully, it was not the Canaanites that saw them as grasshoppers, it was the Israelites that said we were like grasshoppers in our own sight. Can you imagine degrading yourself to the level of an insect that might not even make it on the food chain? That report brought fear on the whole camp and the people wept that night. Can you see a chain reaction here?

Ten people saw themselves as nothing and suddenly the whole camp was crying ‘it was better to die in Egypt’. Can you imagine how your inferiority complex will affect your children? Your marriage? The answer is clear, SEEING! What they saw is what they got. They saw weakness, frailty, inferiority and fell short of the plan of God that possesses the Promised Land.

I have a question for you before you read on that which you are going through and experiencing even now, is it not a result of how you see your life? Are you not seeing collapse, misfortune, fear and lack of confidence and faith in your tomorrow? Seeing is powerful, friend! You become what you see. How do we know we become what we see?

Two out of the 12 spies, Caleb and Joshua, who saw correctly in line with God’s Word and His promise, possessed the land.

“Caleb stilled the people before Moses, and said, Let us go up at once, and possess it for we are well able to overcome it.”

They did not perish or die like the others who saw failure, fear and incapacity! They got what they saw – success. Don’t forfeit your destiny, like the Israelites did, because of the way you see yourself.

Don’t see things with the natural eye, it will intimidate you, bring you fear and cause you to fail. When you are overtaken by the spirit of inferiority, and hard times come all you will do is weep.

And sometimes you weep so that people can feel sorry for you. Listen, cowards die before their time comes. Don’t forfeit your destiny because of the way you see. Why are you looking down on yourself? Why are you telling yourself that you can’t? Why are you seeing yourself as a victim? As a failure? Seeing yourself going down the drain?

Have you been struggling in your marriage moving from house to house and office to office for charms? Have bills been piling up month after month and you do not even know where to start? Or is it your health that is deteriorating? Whatever situation or case it is, I have good news for you God’s promise is that you are a success and not a failure, the head and not the tail, you are healed of the Lord and not the diseased and dying. God has good plans over your life, Jeremiah 29:11. See rightly see the Word of God like Caleb and Joshua, and you will have the desire of your heart. Joshua and Caleb saw themselves as tools in God’s hands.

You are not a grasshopper but rather a powerful weapon in God’s hands and God can do exploits with you. If you were seeing yourself going down the drain, I encourage you, ‘Don’t surrender! It’s not over until it’s over! Rise up. You are a giant, you can do the impossible!’ You don’t have to be big to consider yourself a giant, some people are giants but cowards. Adjust your eyes to see greatness.

The key to success in life is in seeing seeing the promise of God right before your eyes. Do not see yourself dying before your time and seeing yourself being buried and people singing at your funeral, feeling sorry for yourself, No!

Refuse like David and say, “I will not die but live to declare the goodness of the Lord!” See yourself, successful, flourishing and making it in life. Another key is, you will never go wrong and never compare yourself to anybody. Just because they ‘look’ like they have everything is not a reason for you to feel inferior and look down on yourself. See yourself achieving the desires of your heart see yourself climbing up the ladder.

If you have God on your side your enemies are defenseless. Problems are seasonal but blessings are forever. A tool is nothing if it’s not in someone’s hands, that’s why you need to place yourself in God’s hands that he can use you to do exploits. But you have to change your thinking. If God says you can make it then you can make it. Don’t wish for failure.

How do you see yourself?

You could be wondering as you are reading the article and saying to yourself, “O bishop you don’t even know what I dreamt today… I had a very bad and terrible dream!”

Listen to me, that intimidating and discouraging dream is not yours, you are a child of God, and yours is the good of the land. Shake yourself and say to yourself, “you bad dream you are not for me and have come to the wrong address, get out of my life!”

It will go. Do not lose your joy or your job because of a dream! Refuse to see the hand of witchcraft in your family. Stand on God’s Word and be who God says you are. See right, see correctly success, good health, long life, a peaceful marriage, great children and that is what you will get. You become what you see. See the best and become the best!

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Source : The Herald