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After failing to agree to work together in one band, musicians Peter Moyo and chanter Gift “Shiga Shiga” Katulika will be sharing the stage on Sunday at City Sports Bar.

The two parties could not agree on reunion terms on Monday with Moyo failing to meet Shiga Shiga’s demands.

Moyo’s manager Suko Dube said failing to agree does not mean they will not share the stage together.

Talks between the Utakataka Express Camp and Shiga collapsed due to alleged “ridiculous” demands from the popular chanter

“Yes we are failing to agree on bringing him back to work but for now we will be sharing stage on Sunday at City Sports Bar.

“However, we shall keep on with the dialogue as we feel Shiga is one of the best musicians and can add value to our group,” said Dube.

Shiga Shiga left Utakataka Express in 2012 together with Spencer Khumulani and Gaison Sixpence to join the now defunct Mutodi Stars, fronted by disgraced musician Energy Mutodi. Sixpence and Khumulani rejoined Utakataka in January, boosting the band that was almost collapsing.

Shiga Shiga decided to go solo and released his album titled “Two Years Later” which failed to make an impact. “For now we have to perform together but we are hopeful for a positive end to this scenario.

“Shiga will always be one of us and we hope to have a good time with him when we share the stage at the coming show,” said Suko.

Shiga Shiga said he wanted to follow his colleagues who have rejoined the Utakataka Express and is hopeful at that.

He said the negotiations are ongoing. However, he said he was happy to be sharing stage with Moyo who happened to be his boss.

“It shows maturity in the industry because in most cases people end up failing to work with their former bosses especially when there are efforts to reunite,” said Shiga Shiga.

However, Shiga urged fans to come to the show in their numbers as he has a treat for them

Source : The Herald