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Peter Moyo’s effort to bring back popular chanter Gift Katulika aka “Shiga Shiga” hit a brick wall on Monday after the two failed to agree. Moyo’s manager Suko Dube confirmed the development saying the artistes failed to agree because of what he termed “ridiculous demands” by the chanter.

“Yes we met on Monday but then there are some sticking issues after Shiga Shiga made ridiculous demands which include preferential treatment. However, we still have to review some of the things he asked for,” said Dube.

He said there was no problem in working with the chanter once again.

Shiga Shiga left Utakataka Express in 2012 together with Spencer Khumulani and Gaison Sixpence to join the now defunct Mutodi Stars, fronted by disgraced musician Energy Mutodi. Sixpence and Khumulani rejoined Utakataka in January, boosting the band that was almost collapsing. Shiga Shiga decided to go solo and released his album titled “Two Years Later” which failed to make an impact. Shiga said he wanted to follow his colleagues who had rejoined the Utakataka Express.

“Spencer and Gaison who left with me in 2012 are back at Utakataka so I wanted to work again with them but we have not yet finalised anything,” said the singer. Asked if he was making “ridiculous demands” Shiga said he wanted to make things clear so that they can work together.

“They are not ridiculous as such but these are some of the things that I have to know before I sign any contract,” said Shiga.

Sources who attended the meeting said Shiga wanted to have a senior post and earn more than the rest of the group members. “Shiga wants them to pay him more money than others yet Spencer and Gaison are being treated just like any other band member,” said the source.

Source : The Herald