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Musician Peter Moyo claims he is under fire over his alleged love affair with Motswana musician and dancer Slizer. Young Igwe, as Moyo is popularly known, said he is in a serious relationship with a local girl and they were planning on getting married soon. He said the publication of his alleged affair with Slizer had caused a stir in his love life, threatening his marriage plans.

The musician said he was called by the family of his girlfriend on Wednesday after a story appeared in a Botswana publication.

“I was forced to call Slizer to clarify the issue to my (would-be) in-laws and, as I speak, I am under fire over that issue,” said Moyo.

He said the phone call was not enough to convince his girlfriend’s relatives that he was not in love with Slizer and they have made an arrangement to have the Botswana artiste come to Zimbabwe to clarify the issue.

“We have arranged that she comes here and we can discuss the issue. We will also engage the press and give them the story from both sides. Those allegations have cost me big time,” he added.

Pressed by The Herald Entertainment to reveal the name of his fianceacutee the musician said it was private and confidential.

“I can’t tell you her name for now but as soon as the negotiations are through I will tell you and definitely a wedding is coming soon,” said Moyo.

The musician admitted visiting Slizer in her hotel room but dismissed the reports that they are in love.

“These reports were on the basis that I visited her hotel room which is true but I was just visiting as a fellow artiste. All the time I visited her, she was with her children and there was no way we could talk about love.”

Slizer was not reachable for comment yesterday as her mobile phone went unanswered for several times.

The two musician’s love alleged love affair went on the spotlight recently with a Botswana Newspaper-The Voice reporting that Slizer dumped her husband for Moyo. Slizer was quoted confirming the affair.

This is not the first time Young Igwe has been dragged into issues related to controversial love affairs.

Recently there were reports that the musician clashed with Dino Mudondo over a girl.

Last year there was rumour that the musician dated his father’s popular fan Monica “Sele” Chikasha.

Source : The Herald