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Mbare-based producer-cum-musician Michael Muvumbi better known as PTK in the dancehall circles has embarked on a mission to groom upcoming talent in the genre.

He has since robed in more than 10 young artistes and is currently recording their music at his new stable “Platinum Records” based in Highfields.

As part of the project, a new riddim titled “Genesis” (Pazvakatangira) is set to be launched on Independence Day at Takura Sports bar, Gazaland, Highfield.

It will be accompanied by a video medley a week after the launch.

PTK is riding high after producing music to many established and upcoming artistes including man of the moment Soul Jah Love’s hit “Ndini Uya Uya”.

In an interview with the Herald Entertainment, PTK came out open about the dissolution of his marriage with the Mbare Gunhill Recordings.

“I have signed more than 10 teenagers who want to try their hand in the dancehall circles.

“This follows my departure from Gunhill, a recording studio that I operated with my fellow dancehall stars including Tippsy, Mega B among others,” he said.

He said that the move was meant to allow in new blood in as far as scouting for new talent is concerned.

“I have noted with great concern that spending much time crowded at a single stable would not get us anywhere, hence I decided to outgrow the stable and relocated to start something different at Platinum Records,” he said.

Through the tutelage of the skilful Ngoni Zindoga, PTK has proved to worth the mettle as he has produced music for Killer T, Shinsoman, Ceh Calaz, Kinnah among other artistes.

Being the top producer of the moment, PTK has more than five riddims up his sleeves.

They include “Mazirudo”, “Ghetto Party”, “Masecretes”, “Feeling Love”, “No Mercy”, Final Battle and “Double Trouble” with the help of Equation.

PTK is proving to be the future of dancehall in the country if given the room to showcase his prowess.

Source : The Herald