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Award winner and renowned sculptor Dominic Benhura is confident that Zimbabwe’s new generation of sculptors are destined for greatness as the discipline is getting fair recognition from the Government and other sectors. In an interview with The Herald Entertainment, Benhura said it was good that the Government was recognising visual arts.

Benhura made the statement after a discussion with principal director in the Ministry of Sport, Arts and Culture, Rev Paul Damasane, after the burial of sculptor Amali Malola at Tengenenge Sculpture Community in Guruve last week.

Benhura said the local sculptors needs to be supported as they enhance cultural exchange within and outside the country.

The skilled artiste has been credited for taking over the ownership of Tengenenge Arts Centre after Tom Blomefield. Born in 1968 in Murewa, Benhura is acclaimed for his contributions in transforming Shona stone sculpture into a world-class modern art. His works include combined materials such as steel, wire and stone – which he selects for its luminosity and colour and carves and grinds for reconstruction.

Source : The Herald