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A Zaka man has been slapped with a US$30 fine for stealing 40 cases of Super Chibuku worth more than us$300 from a moving Delta Belverages delivery truck. Straightforward Maenda (28) took aantage of the fact that the truck was moving slowly while ascending Phelilendaba Hills and jumped on before off-loading the cases of opaque beer.

The court heard that on March 17, Maenda cut a tent on the moving truck to gain access to the 40 cases of beer.

Admore Tavengana, a Delta Beverages employee made a report to the police, leading to the arrest of Maenda who was found selling the loot at Chekenyere Business Centre.

Only three cases and US$15 where recovered, while beer worth US$300 was never accounted for.

In his defence, Maenda argued that he found only three cases which he said had been dropped by the delivery truck and refuted claims that he had stolen 40 cases.

Magistrate Honest Musiiwa found him guilty of failing to hand over the lost and found property to the police.

Mr Gladmore Gwara prosecuted.

Source : The Herald