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GWERU mayor Hamutendi Kombayi’s official vehicle, a grey Ford Ranger registration number ADB 4130, has been seized by the council workers committee secretary general, Frank Muzorera, it has emerged.

The financially crippled local authority has had numerous run-ins with its workers who have not been paid for several months.

Council sources say Kombayi had left the vehicle at the council fire station for to be fixed with a new set of tyres when Muzorera pounced and drove off with the vehicle.

Muzorera has since been seen driving the vehicle around town including weekends.

On Sunday NewZimbabwe.com witnessed the youthful council worker at the wheel of vehicle in the company of an unidentified woman.

A senior council official who spoke on condition of anonymity said Muzorera brags that he is untouchable since he is well-connected in Zanu PF circles.

“The young man has become a law unto himself at council,” said the official.

“He now drives around in the mayoral official car. He is also allocating fuel even to senior council officials.”

When Muzorera and other workers committee representatives stormed a council meeting last month councillors resolved, on 18 May, that he and his team should be disciplined.

But on 22 May, local government minister, Ignatius Chombo, wrote to Kombayi cancelling the resolutions of May 18 saying they were not in the best interests of council and the nation at large.

Kombayi said he would not comment on the matter preferring to adopt “a watching approach”.

Source : New Zimbabwe