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ZANU PF has re-elected President Mugabe to another five-year term as leader of the party.

The 90 year old leader was also given a blank cheque to personally choose his vice president and other top party posts. This means Mugabe will be the Zanu PF candidate in the 2018 presidential election by which time he would be 94.

His wife Grace was confirmed as the leader of the powerful Women’s League.

True to form Mugabe took to the rostrum to accuse his vice president of plotting his ouster with the United States Embassy in Harare. Mugabe claimed that Joice Mujuru has attended secret meetings with the Embassy staff.

The embattled wife of the late former army commander was removed as the party’s vice president during the three-day conference, but she remains the country’s vice president.

While these developments were widely expected what many have found shocking is Mugabe’s readiness to cling to the reigns despite his aanced age. Mugabe has previously claimed that his continued stay in power is necessary as he must finish his revolutionary tasks first before retiring.

The Zanu PF leader is widely seen as a hindrance to the country’s economic recovery.

Mugabe has led Zanu PF since 1975 and Zimbabwe since 1980. His leadership has been characterised by blood-letting and squabbles. Virtually all of Mugabe’s political opponents have been accused of plotting his assassination and none of the accusations were proven true.

Source : New Zimbabwe