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DESPITE controversially winning the July 2013 elections Zanu PF still fears the MDC and views it as a number one security threat.

In its Central Committee Report to the 6th people’s congress, Zanu PF made it clear that the MDC remains a security threat to the ruling party.

“The greatest threat faced by the party in the past five years was the existence of rabid opposition political parties which were backed by the USA and European Union,” reads part of the report.

“Although the MDC opposition parties were paralysed to a very large extent thanks to their internal strife and rejection by the people, they continue to habour the ever elusive ambition of subverting the country by pursuing the regime change agenda,” the report reads.

The report also proffers some solutions to deal with the threat from the opposition MDC.

“The party should not rest as 2018 is fast beckoning. The focus should be always on people-oriented programmes and the provision of agricultural inputs to farmers especially the less privileged”.

“The party must, among other interventions, embark on impartation of political education to all levels of the party structures. The youths are the future and the vanguard of the party and should be educated thoroughly otherwise the ideals of the party will be obliterated,” the report reads.

Source : New Zimbabwe