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PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF party wants to smoke the peace-pipe with the West following more than a decade of acrimony.

In resolutions passed at the party’s congress that ended in Harare last week, the ruling party said it supported government’s “re-engagement efforts.”

“Zanu PF supports government’s re-engagement with international creditors to normalise trade and diplomatic relations guided by Zimbabwe’s national, economic and security interests,” part of the resolutions read.

Mugabe fell out of favour with the West over his government’s move to forcibly acquire white owned farms to redistribute it to blacks. The situation was not helped by human rights violations particularly Zanu PF’s refusal to hold free and fair elections.

The resolutions adopted at the conclusion of the party’s congress last week read: “Congress notes the diversification of our economic relations through the Look East Policy and further notes government’s policy of re-engagement with multilateral and bilateral financial institutions. Government is directed to create an enabling environment for foreign direct investment,” reads part of the resolutions.

Mugabe’s party also recognised the failure of its funding programs that have suffered due to non-performing loans as party members routinely fail to pay-back.

“The party expresses concern about a culture of non-payment of debts that has taken root across the economy.”

However the party indicated there was no going back on the contentious indigenisation policy that forces investors to cede 51% of their investment to locals.

“Congress directs the party and government to re-invigorate the implementation of the act (Indigenisation) by enforcing compliance including the rationalization of investment pull factors, responsibility sharing and synchronization of attendant legislation for the actual empowerment of Zimbabwean indigents,” Zanu PF resolved.

Source : New Zimbabwe