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ACTING ZBC CEO Patrick Mavhura has already made few enemies barely two weeks into his new job as he announced that workers will soon be required to fill in forms explaining how they got employed at the state broadcaster.

Mavhura first announced this at his first meeting with workers at Pockets Hill on Monday and repeated the same message at Mbare Studios the following day.

A ZBC source at Pockets Hill said: “Mavhura said he is worried that some staff members are at the various stations through back doors hence everyone has to fill in the a form detailing how he got employed”.

Mavhura was quoted as saying “I was not the CEO and I have noted that many of you are not qualified to be here but have found sanctuary courtesy of the previous management”.

However workers said Mavhura’s announcement came as no surprise as there was already speculation that the state broadcaster was looking at retrenching.

Some of the workers added that if the exercise goes ahead it may well be a witch-hunt to remove relatives of the top management who were all suspended for looting the corporation as exposed by the KPGM forensic audit report two weeks ago.

So far former CEO Happison Muchechetere, general manager Allan Chiweshe, general manager news and current affairs Tazzen Mandzizvidza, general manger finance Elliot Kasu and Ralph Nyambudzi have all been pushed out for allegedly looting the state broadcaster.

“Every department here is staffed with relatives of suspended bosses who were used as informers, and we feel sorry for them as they are likely to follow their kith and kin very soon”.

“Some of them are less qualified but take home double our salaries”, added another.

Mavhura is also said to have told workers to pull up their socks or ship out.

In July information Minister Jonathan Moyo told Parliament that after the forensic audit is out the state broadcaster would adopt a turnaround programme which would include retrenchment of excess staff.

It is believed that the corporation has slightly more than 1000 workers and half of them are likely to go home.

Two weeks ago the audit report revealed that top bosses had looted the company with Muchechetere having pocketed a whopping $3.5 million dollars through corrupt activities.

Currently ZBC is technically insolvent and saddled with a $44.3 million debt realising a mere 275, 000 per month against a budget of $2.3 million with $1.6 million going towards salaries for staff members.

If the retrenchment goes ahead it will be the second one under Moyo who upon his appointment to the same post in 2000 sent home 400 senior employees without a single cent by 2002.

Source : New Zimbabwe