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The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation needs US$60 million to meet the first phase of its migration ahead of the June 2015 digitalisation deadline.

ZBC chairman of the committee on Digitisation and Technology Development, Mr Gelfand Kausiyo said digitalisation was necessary for the national broadcaster to remain relevant.

“We have to digitalise our environment to take it from an analogue mode into a digital one,” he said in a statement.

“We have to create a server-based broadcast environment for signal origination from our studios across the country.”

Mr Kausiyo said ZBC would have several channels when it digitalises and a digital library would preserve content.

He said that the final control centre should also be digitalised alongside the establishment of a digital play-out centre.

“These are all integral parts of a successful digital system that will enable the ZBC to continue to be relevant in the digital era, churn out multiple language programmes and a variety of television channels as part of our national mandate to inform, educate and entertain the citizens of our country,” Mr Kausiyo said.

“We will enter the digital migration programme with one ZBC national television channel and at the end of that process will come out many television channels of the national public broadcaster, e.g a dedicated news channel, sports channel, documentaries channel, gospel channel, musical channel, kids channel, among others.”

Mr Kausiyo said there was need for collective support in the digital revolution from all stakeholders, including viewers.

The International Telecommunications Union set June 17, 2015 as the deadline by which all countries in Region One where Zimbabwe falls, to have migrated from analogue to digital broadcasting.

Source : The Herald