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Zimbabwe Cricket board chairman Wilson Manase says there will be more changes in the national team technical staff. Addressing the Press yesterday at the unveiling of the new Zimbabwe cricket team coach Dav Whatmore, the ZC chairman said the transition in the technical team is a “continuous” process.

“And so we are now moving to ensure that our technical staff are very technical, they appreciate the nature of the game, where we are going.

“I have already told you on the board’s decision on Alistair Campbell, who will be coming in January to take over as managing director cricket.

“The changes that we are making are continuous, we certainly going to be making certain changes to beef up the support that we require on the cricket field and I promise you we will be doing that earnestly,” said Manase.

Manase added: “And also in moving forward . . . in making the national team great there shall be no sacred cows, one thing I shall assure you is when we do business to ensure that we get results and therefore, if someone is by the wayside, so be it.”

The ZC boss in confirming incumbent bowling coach Douglas Hondo as Whatmore’s assistant, also took a swipe at the appointment of Mufaro Chiturumani as the batting coach during the Mangongo era.

“Douglas Hondo the former Zimbabwe international shall be his assistant, who also shall be the bowling coach, at the moment since Dav is here, we will leave everything to him to guide us on what he wants.

“As you can see I have not mentioned Mufaro Chiturumani , whom some of you like to mention all the time as our batting coach, he is not being considered for a position with the national team as of now. Not at all,” said Manase.

“I think Chiturumani, when he was in Bangladesh, the then coach selected him and it was not something which we gave our blessings.

“After the board took a decision to redeploy Mangongo, we were head-hunting for somebody who could take up this position.

“We have to ensure that we have a good technical team and that things are going right, that is the only way we can progress,” said Manase.

The ZC boss lauded Whatmore saying he is a man with “passion that can make our game great”.

He said the onus was on the players to utilise the opportunity of working with this World Cup winning coach.

“We want cricket to be the game of choice and we will get there, we certainly are moving meticulously, slowly but sure, and we are not looking at the short term but we are looking at the long term.

“He comes here with a passion to make our game great, it’s left to our players to respond to his call in order to increase food on their table.

“A coach can come with all the experience, (but) the mindset of the player must also adjust accordingly, we want to ensure that everyone involved in cricket from the administration, we are there to support each other to make sure that we move and make a positive change,” said Manase.

ZC Manase, also said, would want to engage Whatmore for a longer term.

“Dav will also assist going forward as we intend to work with him after the World Cup, initially we had agreed with Dav that he is assisting us up to the World Cup, but he is open as he has told us that he is willing to have another contract, which is what we wish for, another contract now for a longer period.”

Source : The Herald