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THE Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has warned of a national wide industrial action in retaliation to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor’s recent ‘ban’ on salary increases in 2015.

RBZ governor John Mangudya last week said the country’s faltering economy has no room for salary increases as they would further erode competitiveness and hold back recovery, a move which was supported by the Finance ministry.

“Given the lack of competitiveness and its negative effects on the economy, we do not see any room for wage and salary increases within the national economy,” said Mangudya.

However, in a Memorandum to the union’s structures, ZCTU acting secretary general Gideon Shoko said the central bank governor’s statement is an attack on workers’ fundamental human rights.

Shoko accused Mangudya of making reckless statements without looking at the wage issue holistically thereby giving employers an excuse not to award what is due to workers.

“Employers have found a loophole and a finger to hide behind and are therefore not paying salaries and are averse to coming to the negotiating table to discuss conditions of service of employees.

“The leadership of ZCTU having noted the bad and unethical set by the above mentioned authorities (RBZ and finance ministry) would like to inform all affiliates that they should ready themselves for demonstrations concerning these utterances by the authorities,” reads part of the memo.

Shoko said the dates of the demonstrations will be communicated soon once the labor movement finishes its ground work.

On the other hand, opposition party, MDC-T leader, Morgan Tasvangiri also described the monetary policy statement as “anti-worker and not pro-poor” urging government to focus on attracting foreign direct investment.

“The Governor, like his Minister of Finance, are presiding over a comatose economy and no amount of financial engineering is going to reverse deflation and the liquidity crunch.

The so-called ‘re-balancing’ of the economy is pie in the sky. What needs re-balancing is the politics of the country which makes the economy hostage. The talk of competitiveness in the absence of foreign direct investment (FDI) will not work,” said the MDC-T leader.

Source : New Zimbabwe