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ZESA Holdings, through its subsidiary PowerTel, has successfully commissioned its billing system while efforts are underway to upgrade the network linking Harare-Mutare and Harare-Plumtree, a company official told The Herald Business.

The company will next year start on a $32 million fibre optic backbone network project set to improve the country’s connectivity.

ZESA holdings spokesperson Mr Fullard Gwasira last week told The Herald Business that network upgrade was one of the projects happening outside the planned $32 million fibre project.

“We have successfully commissioned the billing system outside the $32 million project while network upgrade for both Harare-Mutare and Harare-Plumtree is underway as well as the commissioning of the voice service 08611,” said Mr Gwasira.

He said current upgrades are happening on IMS core network which is an architectural framework for delivering IP multimedia services.

Historically, mobile phones have provided voice call services over a switched-circuit-style network, rather than strictly over an IP packet-switched network.

Mr Gwasira said the move will result in improved service quality and improved electricity accessibility.

The $32 million fibre project requires the installation of around 1 850km of cable with surveys already having been completed.

The thrust of the project is to improve power monitoring and control of the national power grid at the same time increasing internet capacity being sold across borders.

This project is going to support network expansion and increase redundancy and enhance quality of service to our consumers.

Mr Gwasira said the initiative will increase capacity, for growth of the business as well as increasing electricity vending service.

He said the project will be rolled out to support the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation.

The power utility is rolling out several initiatives to revitalise its operations at the same time improving power distribution to the consumers.

The power utility hopes, in the short term, to restore and reinforce its transmission and distribution networks, negotiate for an increase in imports with regional partners, implement demand side management, and promote the use of alternative energy resources.

The company is also looking at improving its credit control systems through the installation of prepaid meters.

Zesa has already made some headway in its power generation development plans. The expansion of the Kariba Power Station by 300MW is in progress, and negotiations to expand Hwange by 600MW are underway.

ZESA has also begun to upgrade the distribution network and strengthening the grid. Prepayment meters are being installed alongside mechanisms for third party power vending.

Zesa is also seeking international private investors in the power sector as both partners to Government companies and as independent power producers.

Source : The Herald