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A ZIMBABWE Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company employee was last week slapped with a two-month jail term for illegally connecting electricity to a house and collecting bills without the company’s knowledge.

Mishack Mubariri, 26, was convicted on his own plea of guilty by Masvingo magistrate Oliver Mudzongachiso who however gave him the option to pay $200 fine.

Prosecutor Joshua Mundondo told the court that in September last year, Mubariri and other ZESA employees went to a house in Rujeko high density suburb in Masvingo to connect some cables.

He noticed at the house that the recharging meter was positioned wrongly and he volunteered to correct the anomaly.

The court heard that in October Mubariri went to the same house for the meter installation and he was aised by the tenants that the house had not yet been given an account through which the owners could make payment of electricity bills.

The court further heard that the tenants told Mubariri that the landlord was away and it was impossible for them to open the account on their own.

Mubariri then bypassed the connection procedures and connected electricity to the house and further ordered the tenants to pay their bills through him.

Between October and January this year, it is said, Mubariri received $700 as payment for the electricity bills, but no single cent was remitted into the power utility’s coffers.

His luck ran out February this year during a routine inspection by a ZESA inspectorate, which discovered that the house has been drawing electricity from the company via illegally connected cables.

Investigations were carried out and Mubariri was arrested.

Source : New Zimbabwe