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AFTER finally holding their extraordinary meeting on Saturday at Girls High School in Harare, the Zimbabwe Handball Federation have set May 30 as the date for the elections. The extraordinary meeting was called for by ZHF councillors after the national association postponed the elections that were scheduled for March 31.

The move was made after realising there were some outstanding issues that needed to be dealt with before they could elect a new executive into office.

On Saturday, the councillors met to address the matters that were raised on the day of the aborted elections, including the status of Matabeleland South, Harare and Matabeleland North and the presentation of the financial report.

Outgoing ZHF secretary-general, Alphios Magiya, yesterday said most of the provinces attended Saturday’s meeting as well as the outgoing vice-president, Simbiso Mpepereki.

“We had the meeting, seven provinces were present. Masvingo, Matabeleland North and Matabeleland South were the only provinces absent,” said Magiya.

“Nash was present and from the national executive board, it was myself and vice-president. The president sent his apologies.

“The date for the elections was set, it’s May 30. Councillors agreed that elections should be held within 14 days. They will be held at the Sports Commission head office at the National Sports Stadium.

“We went on to talk about the three provinces and, about Matabeleland North, we have already written to them to put in place an interim committee through the Sports Commission’s office in Hwange.

“The previous committee had two people and because of expenses we cannot travel to Binga.

“We mandated the chairperson of Bulawayo province, Stewart Sanhewe, to liaise with the people in Matabeleland North and the Sports Commission to come up with an interim committee by May 23 and the chairperson of that committee will cast their vote on May 30.

“As for Matabeleland South, we agreed that the interim committee there should regularise their activities with the Sports Commission.

“They had a previous interim committee but the Sports Commission did not know that there was an interim committee so they should regularise their existence. We have written to the chairperson, Mthulusi Siziba.

“For Harare, we have restored the previous interim committee which failed to hold elections led by Patrick Mukombero because they are the ones who produced the constitution for the province and they will cast their vote.”

The ZHF outgoing secretary-general said they had done their best to address the situation and they have to hold elections on the date set.

“On Naph it was a matter of having the councillors recognising the presence of Naph representative Tarwirei Thomas from Mashonaland East.

“He has been seconded as Naph head-in-charge of handball unlike in the past when we were dealing with the provinces.

“The financial document was adopted and a set of recommendations were also made. We have done our best.

“The remaining thing is to make sure that everything is on paper and we submit that programme to the Sports Commission. We cannot continue to delay because we were given a grace period by the Sports Commission,” Magiya said.

The outgoing executive is led by Amon Madzvamuse and their term of office came to an end in March.

Source : The Herald