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A 23-year-old man from Zhombe on Monday escaped jail for strangling a six year old boy to death with a bark string after he was acquitted on grounds of mental illness.

Marvellous Moyo choked Takudzwanashe Muguti to death in December 2012 for allegedly not knowing where his (Moyo’s) scotch cart was.

In his ruling, Justice Makonese relied on a psychiatrist report produced by Dr Elena Poskotchinova which confirmed Moyo’s mental illness.

The State’s case was that on December 12 2012, Moyo, aged 20 then, approached Takudzwanashe who was in the company of other four Juveniles herding cattle.

Moyo accused the boys of taking his scotch cart.

When the juveniles said they had no knowledge of the alleged scotch cart Moyo got angry and ran after little Takudzwanashe, caught up with him and strangled him using a bark string five times.

Moyo then threw the juvenile’s lifeless body into Magwizi River.

The body was only discovered after the other children alerted village elders who confronted Moyo.

The post-mortem, which was produced in court as evidence, shows that Takudzwanashe died of strangulation.

Source : New Zimbabwe