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PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao has launched a savage attack on Zanu PF politician and businessman Philip Chiyangwa saying his “stupidity” was embarrassing and undermining the party and its leader.

Zhuwao added that the tycoon, exposed on film last week boasting that he does not stop at police roadblocks, was no relation of Mugabe.

Chiyangwa said he had “no comment” when asked to respond by NewZimbabwe.com on Sunday.

Writing in his weekly opinion column in the State controlled Sunday Mail, Zhuwao dressed down the showy Zanu PF central committee member who has long claimed to be related to President Mugabe.

Chiyangwa, no stranger to controversy, was filmed speeding past a roadblock in his Rolls Royce Phantom luxury vehicle despite being signalled by police officer to stop.

He then bragged about it to the surprised white male companion in the car.

While Chiyangwa seemed to have escaped with the offence, he was not spared a fierce rebuke from Zhuwao, who called him as stupid.

“I have viewed the video myself and it is extremely worrying and disconcerting,” Zhuwao said.

“…That is anarchical and must never be done by any person let alone a senior leader at the level of the Central Committee.

“This kind of action communicates an image that is disrespectful of national laws and the institution of the police.

He continued: “Unfortunately the stupidity of one member of the Zanu PF Central Committee is then extrapolated to mean that we are all stupid and foolish as members of the Central Committee. We are not.”

Zhuwao was not yet done with Chiyangwa, often mocked by President Mugabe for his fast and snooty character.

“The second issue is that Philip Chiyangwa has been described as President Mugabe’s cousin,” Zhuwao says.

“By virtue of that close association, the purported actions of Philip Chiyangwa in that video are tarnishing the image of the President of Zimbabwe and Chairman of SADC and the AU.

“Philip Chiyangwa is not President Mugabe’s cousin they share the same totemic identity.

“Those of us who are truly related to President Mugabe know that we have a duty and obligation to the nation to protect the image and integrity of the Head of State and Government.”

Zhuwao said Chiyangwa’s relationship with the President was the same with MDC activist Rejoice Ngwenya, whose Ndebele totem is also “Gushungo”.

He added: “Philip Chiyangwa shares the same totem as my mother, although from a different branch of the Gushungo clan. My mother is from the Chidziva branch, while Philip Chiyangwa is from the Bereperere branch.

“They even have different chiefs. I need to put that appropriate distance so as to minimise the contagion.”

He pens off, “Pasi nembavha (thieves). There are no sacred cows. Icho!”

Reached for comment, Chiyangwa refused to discuss the attack, responding with a curt “I have no comment.”

Asked if he is the one on the video, he went on, “I have no comment.”

Source : New Zimbabwe