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KELVIN Bulaji who had been tied to a five-year contract by DT Africa United, is now looking to pursue his career after being declared a free agent by the Zifa Players Status Committee yesterday.The contract, which had a staggering US$300 000 buy out clause, had literally left Bulaji chained to the Lower Division.

“It was difficult for me but right now I am happy because the final decision was in favour of me. I am proud of it I am now a free agent,” said Bulaji.

“Even my parents, I can support them now because I am free. I can look for something to help my parents. This is my only career.”

A verdict signed by Zifa Players Status Committee chairman David Mpuli and member Owen Chandamale stated that DT Africa had no reason to stop the player from exercising his right to look for greener pastures.

“After considering all documentary and verbal evidence given by both parties, it is clear without any doubt that DT Africa has no reason to deny the player his freedom for no valid reason as this is not in line with the constitution.

“Judgment is therefore given in favour of Kenneth Bulaji according to article 14 of Fifa Player Status Regulations, Mr Kenneth Bulaji is now a free agent,” read the report.

Bulaji’s other name is Kenneth.

He said he is now looking forward to joining CAPS United while waiting to go to Europe during the JuneJuly transfer window season.

“I am waiting for my deal in Europe in June, I think I can join CAPS United because it is my team, last year I played there. It is my team at heart so I can join CAPS United.

“I went for trials (in Poland), it was good for me, I tried my best in Europe, there were two teams interested in me and they keep on calling me. So I think in June my deal will work out for me.

“I talked to the directors (at CAPS United) and they said they want me. I am sure this time I am joining CAPS United. And later in June and July I will go back to Europe for those two teams because they are still interested in me,” said Bulaji.

The agreement entered between Bulaji and DT Africa United managing director, Wieslaw Grabowski, on March 19, 2010, provided among other conditions that:

The player will be contracted to DT Africa United for a period of (5) five years.

The player can sign contracts with other clubs provided he has received consent and endorsement from the managing director of Africa United Club. Failure to do so will result in a penalty of US$300 000, three hundred thousand United States dollars, if signed abroad or equivalent in Zimbabwe dollars if signed locally.

During the course of this agreement Africa United will provide the player with monthly allowances (of) one hundred twenty dollars.

The Club will (take) care of his welfare, his medical expenses, educational expenses and travel expenses until the player (signs) a professional agreement with another club.

Bulaji claimed that he was never paid the US$120 that the club promised him every month while CAPS United paid US$3 000 for a short-term loan deal for him last year.

Source : The Herald