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TROUBLED Zifa have angered a “battalion” of 25 candidates that finished a two-week Caf A Licence course in Harare on Saturday with a no-show by the Cuthbert Dube administration for the closing ceremony, a development that was perceived as misplacement of priorities by the crazy football “godfathers”.

At the inception of the course under the tutelage of Dominic Niyonzima, an instructor from Burundi, and Steve Coetsee from South Africa, the candidates had their morale hyped with T-shirts that had been distributed to them for eventual donning at the closing ceremony that was billed to be officiated by the under-fire Zifa president Dube, but things did not happen as planned.

Niyonzima conducted the session in the last five days.

Takaendesa Jongwe, the Zifa technical director, is reported to have said to the candidates on Saturday: “Unfortunately, there is chaos at Zifa and the officials who were supposed to come for the closing ceremony are no longer going to fulfil their slot as per the programme… ”

Last Friday, Dube had unwelcome visitors from the Deputy Sheriff who wanted to attach property at his Old Alexandra Park home for a debt of $281 985 owing to Pandhari Lodge after Zifa had failed to honour its mandate.

Zifa have been dogged by serious financial and administrative blunders that they can no longer think straight and are now in a fire-fighting mode, with no trace of everlasting solutions in their ray of mindset that people are now worried about the thick skin of the Dube administration.

Their unwarranted clinging on to the leadership of football is now construed as stubbornness that needs to be nipped in the bud.

They are now all packed in a corner sardine-fashion as things have fallen apart, with the centre not holding any more.

According to our impeccable source — a distraught candidate who spilled the beans of lack of administrative direction by Zifa on condition his identity remains under wraps for fear of a backlash — Jongwe instead aised them to wear their T-shirts for the purposes of practical sessions they were supposed to undergo before their departure, which amounted to a mere walkout.

The two-week session also had its dark moments as the fees were too high for the hapless coaches as they were each required to fork not less than US$1 000 for only two modules with specific and suspicious instructions that the funds were not supposed to be deposited in an account, but were supposed to be paid in cash.

The instruction sent overtures that the revenue had the danger of being diverted into private coffers instead of the indebted soccer mother-body.

In Botswana, a Caf A course costs 250 Pula per candidate while in South Africa, it costs about R300 per person and candidates are assured of decent meals and proper conference facilities coupled with real-time training material in the realm of sports.

On the flip-side, the Zifa Village, the venue of the recently conducted Caf A License course is a hounded hideout as it was ransacked by the Messenger of Court countlessly attaching property to meet the unending debts of the now defunct soccer mother-body with lawsuits falling from trees like leaves during a hot summer scorching afternoon.

Wholesomely, all the coaches were supposed to have paid US$750 but at the inflated rate, they paid US$25 000 that left them counting the losses as some distraught candidates said that although the curriculum was meaningful, Niyonzima (the Burundi instructor) demonstrated sickening lack of good public relations as he intermittently traded dehumanising jibes at his candidates.

“There was this nasty incident where Philani ‘Beef’ Ncube, a renowned coach became a victim of Niyozima’s wayward behaviour that fellow candidate Luke Masomere’s (How Mine coach) temper almost flared in protest,” said our source.

Niyonzima was said to have questioned Ncube’s heavily built stature, which he said does not depict that of a football mentor, verbal slurs that are provocative by any standards.

The just-ended Caf A Licence course was attended by notable figures that encompass Madinda Ndlovu, FC Platinum coach Norman Mapeza, Nesbert “Yabo” Saruchera, Dynamos mentor David Mandigora as well as Anderson Phiri of top Zambian soccer side Power Dynamos.

According to the provisions of Caf, an A licence course is supposed to be administered by a qualified person who has already reached the level of an instructor but the recently held course was handled by Jongwe — who sources say has not yet reached that level — who was unilaterally appointed by Jonathan Mashingaidze as Technical Director following the sacking of Nelson Matongorere in September 2013.

His fellow facilitator Taurai Mangwiro is qualified as he was successfully assessed in Cameroon.

Another source (a renowned coach) said that they had virtually nothing to learn from Jongwe as he exhibited daftness on “enunciating” the expectations of the curriculum.

He said that had it not been of the trio of Mangwiro, Niyonzima and Coetsee, the products (coaches) of that session would have been half-baked.

In 2013, Benedict Moyo, a former Zifa board member as well as Gibson Homela were once engaged to conduct Caf courses as replacements of Matongorere as a qualified Caf instructor had not been sought.

Information has it that another Caf course has been slated for this month amid fears that unsuspecting candidates would be required to fork out US$250 each.

Shepherd Mandizvidza is a public relations practitioner, qualified journalist, publisher of the realsoccer website and is writing in his personal capacity. He can be contacted on mandizvidzashepherd89@gmail.com

Source : The Herald