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The ZIFA madness is likely to go a notch higher today when the association’s board meets in Harare where two members — vice-president Omega Sibanda and Ben Gwaradanbsp are set to be axed by their colleagues in a brutal purge.

The board meeting, though, could be unconstitutional given that the agenda of the indaba was changed to ensure that items, dealing with the expulsion of Sibanda and Gwarada were planted onto the programme.

Given that this is supposed to be the same meeting, which was postponed from March 27, the agenda was not supposed to be changed, according to the ZIFA constitution.

However, hawks within the ZIFA board, aligned to the association president Cuthbert Dube and chief executive Jonathan Mashingaidze, have been laying the groundwork for the expulsion of Sibanda and Gwarada even when such an action flouts the constitution.

Fungai Chihuri is set to be named the acting vice-president while it was not clear last night as to who could take Gwarada’s portfolio as the board member in charge of finance.

Gwarada will make history, in the event that the purge is carried out, as the first ZIFA board member, in charge of finance, who never got to be involved in the association’s financial transactions despite being in his position for more than one year.

The ZIFA Secretariat has refused to hand over the association’s books to Gwarada leading analysts to conclude that there is a lot, including possible questionable financial transactions, which is being hidden in those books.

Gwarada clashed with Dube during an appearance before a parliamentary portfolio committee when he revealed that he had not been given the freedom to handle the association’s controversial financial transactions.

Sibanda has also clashed with his boss, in recent weeks, because of the way the association has been running their affairs.

Interestingly, while ZIFA failed to handle the preparations for the Warriors, with the Government chipping in with the tickets for the flight that was aborted after the players refused to travel following a fallout with the association over allowances and match fees, everything has been sorted for board members from outside Harare to fly to today’s meeting.

“The board meeting is an interesting one because you can see that the groundwork is being prepared to ensure that Omega and Ben are pushed out and everything else is just meant to try and make it appear that this was a proper meeting,” said the sources.

“It’s also an unconstitutional meeting because the agenda has been changed and you don’t do that when you are holding a meeting that was merely postponed from another day.

“You know that Omega and Ben were supposed to have been suspended a long time ago and since then those who want them out have been working overnight and it’s sad that even someone like John Phiri, whom people expected to be the sober voice given that he comes from a background where he has played football at a high level, has been sucked into this mess.

“Some people on the board feel they need someone who is not Ben to be in charge of the finances, someone who won’t ask questions but, make no mistake about it, this could be the start of a fierce war.”

Interestingly, a number of board members have been either been suspended or banned since 2010 while the two principal figures at ZIFA Dube and Mashingaidze have remained.

There is also concern among some of the board members that a flurry of letters have been going to FIFA, in the past month or so, without their input giving the impression that they are also part of the correspondence even when they don’t know the contents.

Source : The Herald