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ZIMBABWE is aiming to increase power generation by an additional 1 900 megawatts in the next four years after approving 18 new projects.

The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA), which approved the power projects, said some these would be in operation in the next four years.

ldquoWe are targeting to add about 1 900 megawatts by 2018 and that is critical in moving forward in ensuring that we reduce load shedding,rdquo ZERA Chief Executive Officer, Engineer Gloria Magorimbo, said.

However all the approved projects can add a combined total of more than 7 000 MW but some might take time to implement.

Magorimbo said five of the approved companies, which have a combined installed capacity of 1 960MW against a national demand of demand of around 2 200MW, were already operating while the rest were at different stages of implementation.

The companies already operating are Green Fuels, Nyamingura, Border Timbers, Duru and Pungwe A, she said.

Those that are still to operate but have been given the licenses are Sengwa Power Station, Lusulu Power Station, Shangano Power Station, China Africa Sunlight Energy, Essar Hwange, Essar Captive.

Great Zimbabwe Hydro-NuPlanet Gairezi, Manako-Osborne Dam, Kupinga Power Plant, Kariba South Extension, GeoBase Klean Energy Africa and Hwange Expansion.

Zimbabwe has been facing acute shortage of power, a setback that has contributed to low industrial production.

The country imports power from Mozambique and DRC but funding problems have always been a major constraint resulting in some suppliers intermittently cutting services.

Source : CAJ News Agency