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The ongoing Cape Town Art Fair has been an eye opener for Zimbabwe’s representative Raphael Jamu who has been part of the six-day extravaganza that started on December 12. The event that features a children’s exhibition on its sidelines goes a long way in developing artistic talent from grassroots level according to the creative artist who is in attendance with members of his organisation HiIllock Art Foundation.

“The quality of art that results from such initiatives is high. Talent needs to be spotted and harnessed from a tender age and this impacts greatly to the art industry,” he said.

Jamu, an international artist in his own right together with manager Landwell Nyerere and the youthful members of Hillock are imparting skills at the Water Front venue that is seeing young people’s toys being converted into contemporary art.

“Efforts are indeed being made to ensure that young children identify their talents thanks to art lessons in schools although more needs to be done. Art is not just a hobby. As you can see, art can be a career that artists can live on. It is a tool for educating, entertaining and communicating ideas. Just like what is happening here, other countries actually have set up mechanisms like sports academies as they recognise the power of such art disciplines,” he said

The phenomenal display at the show is the work of acclaimed New York-based artist Nathan Sawaya who has 76 colourful large scale figures and portraits made of the Lego pieces. Ranked amongst the must see exhibitions, the expo has toured a number cities in the US, Australia, Asia and Europe.

The walk through display has 3D displays like the awe inspiring 6m long 8 000 Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton and multiple realistic human forms to interpretations on celebrated apex like the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo statue.

Meanwhile, the art fair that wraps up today has been graced by people of all age groups.

Significant pieces on display were meant to indicate that all people are perfect in proportion and scale.

The whole event is evidence of the remarkable talent of mater creator Nathan who gave up a career in law to play with Lego full time and is also a tribute of sorts to an iconic children’s brand that is both very familiar to all and is also full of imaginative potential, said the exhibition’s reps apart from the display, there are interactive areas focused on children, family time and education

Source : The Herald