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Kwekwe based award winning hip- hop artiste Lovejoy “Lkat” Matare is set for continental fame after collaborating with Nigerian upcoming artiste Sholokwu “Frisky” Chika.

The single released recently in Nigeria is dubbed “Be my Girl” and was done in four languages that include English, Shona, Igbo and Yoruba.

In an interview with The Herald Entertainment, Lkat said the song brings a different aspect to his music.

“I did this love song with Frisky because when I composed and produced the chorus I felt I needed a Nigerian musician, a real Nigerian not someone who imitates the Nigerian accent because the lyrics required Nigerian style,” he said.

He said he met Frisky through his dealings with Wizkid

“I’m a friend of Wizkid on Facebook so one day, Sholokwu posted his music and tagged Wizkid so his post appeared on Wizzy’s Timeline, I downloaded his music and played it and fell in love with how he created his music and I contacted him and we started working together until we produced our song”, he said.

Lkat who is set to release his second album next month, which has a single “Rudo Ma1” featuring Maskiri, said the collaboration was done using the internet.

“I have a recording studio, that’s where I produced the song and recorded half of it. I then I sent it to Nasty Dee who is Frisky’s producer in Nigeria and then Nasty Dee recorded Frisky and finalised the song,” he said.

He said the song has already been released in Nigeria and will soon hit Zimbabwe radio stations.

“The songs is having rotation on Nigerian radio stations Cool FM Nigeria and also Classic FM Nigeria, and has been endorsed as a caller tune on MTN Nigeria.

“We are going to launch the single in Zimbabwe next month on my second album,” he said.

“We are already working on the video with Frisky and his Nigerian friends though the dates have not been set yet.

“We are planning to shoot it in South Africa and I promise my fans out there to really look forward to this video which is going to be out soon,” he said.

Frisky, real name Sholokwu Chika, said he believes Lkat has talent. “I am happy to have featured on Lkat’s single which is probably going to be the hit song on his forthcoming album, my experience with him has been on strict professional grounds and I have no doubt this multi-talented youngster will rock Zimbabwean music industry,” he said.

Zimbabwe may soon get a chance to see the Nigerian in action: “I am preparing to have my Zimbabwean tour soon and it is going to be two weeks and I hope it will be filled with live performances and the major one at Lkat’s album launch,” he said.

“Zimbabwe has got many talented young musicians that I think need more attention in Africa. I have respect for Maskiri, Goodchild, Lkat and many others who are making it in your country,” he said.

Previously Lkat has featured on a number of Nigerian trending music blogs which attracted media attention resulting in him featuring in two interviews on Nigerian radio stations. Unfortunately his Nigerian tour was cancelled due to the Ebola outbreak last year.

Source : The Herald