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Zimbabweans have been urged to work on projects to promote Zim-Asset by starting businesses in their communities if the country is to meet its target of creating two million jobs over the next three years.

Chivi Rural District Council chairperson Councillor Killer Zivhu said at the weekend that the target to create two million jobs set by the Zanu-PF Government after its crushing electoral victory in the 2013 harmonised elections can be easily achieved if Zimbabweans took the lead in initiating development in their localities.

Speaking at Chivi Growth Point during the official launch of the inaugural newsletter “Chivi Zim-Asset Bulletin” that is being produced in conjunction with Great Zimbabwe University media students, Clr Zivhu said Zimbabweans should not fold their hands and wait for President Mugabe to create employment.

“It is very possible to achieve that goal of creating two million jobs by the time we go for the next elections, but we should always remember that it is not the duty of President Mugabe alone to create those jobs for us while we are doing nothing about it,” he said.

“We will easily create the jobs if we take the initiative and start doing something rather than waiting for President Mugabe to do everything for us.”

“President Mugabe and his Government only play a facilitatory role by enacting policies that help us to create those jobs.”

Clr Zivhu, who is also the Zanu-PF Masvingo provincial secretary for finance, said Zimbabwe has the potential to speedily turnaround the economy if the nation fully embraces Zim-Asset.

He said there was potential to revive the country’ economy through agriculture, singling out Masvingo Province as having vast potential in agriculture owing to a high number of dams that could be tapped for irrigation purposes.

Clr Zivhu said it was unacceptable that a country with generally good rains and so many dams was failing to produce enough food for its people.

In the coming weeks, Clr Zivhu will lead a delegation from Chivi to Israel to have a first hand appreciation of how the desert country is managing to produce enough food despite water scarcity.

Clr Zivhu also announced plans to build a golf course at Tokwe-Mukosi Dam which is going to be used to generate revenue to fund projects in the impoverished district.

He called upon other Zimbabweans to come and invest at Tokwe-Mukosi Dam, where there were many opportunities in areas such as tourism and fisheries.

Turning to the Chivi Zim-Asset bulletin, Clr Zivhu said the publication would be produced bi-annually.

The bulletin is expected to dwell on development issues affecting Chivi district and act as a platform for people in the district to convey challenges that affect them.

Great Zimbabwe University media studies lecturer Mr Golden Maunganidze hailed Clr Zivhu and the Chivi RDC for mooting the Chivi Zim-Asset bulletin, which he said gave media students an opportunity to horn their skills through reporting about issues in Chivi District.

Source : The Herald