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The third weekend of December is usually associated with the annual shutdown when industries close for the festive season and in music it is a preferred date for mega gigs before people celebrate Christmas.

This year is no exception, what with the Zim Dancehall Shutdown scheduled for December 19 at the City Sports Centre, now known as the ceremonial home of dancehall music and cup clashes.

Organisers said security will be on high alert to sniff out any rowdy elements.

Chipaz Promotions, who are putting the gig together, said there will be no room for violence during or after the show.

“We have learnt from past experience that there are some people bent on causing havoc and commotion at every other show especially dancehall. So we have beefed up the security to ensure that rowdy elements are nipped in the bud,” Partson “Chipaz” Chimbodza said.

He said the show was being held under the banner “No To Violence – Tight Security”.

The Zim Dancehall Shutdown boasts a fantastic line-up of performing artistes in the likes of Winky D, Soul Jah Love, Killer T, Dhadza D, Kinna, Ricky Fire, Lady Squanda,, Terminator, Badman and Jiggaz.

Others are Cello Culture, Jay C, Bounty Lisa and K Queens.

Top sound system Judgment Yard comprising DJ Flevah and chanter Etherton Beenie will grace the gig as well as the duo of Garry B and Templeman.

The gig promises a lot of fireworks considering the stellar line-up of artistes who have done well throughout the year.

Although most of them appeared at Sting 2014, the upcoming show is no way a lyrical contest but just an end of year party.

Top of the list is Winky D, who became the main act at this year’s Lion Lager Summer Beer Festival after the Jamaican Konshens failed to turn up.

Winy D has made a name for himself and he is not taking any prisoners.

Popularly known to his fans by such sobriquets as “Ninja President”,” Messi weReggae” and “Biggie”, the “Paita Party” singer commands a huge following.

He was one of the first Zim dancehall artistes to use a live band. Despite the stiff competition in the genre Winky D remains unperturbed by those who “beef” with him to get to the top.

Soul Jah Love, the Conquering Family boss, has had a good year releasing hit after hit and appearing on every riddim.

He has done collaborations with a number of artistes including Winky D on “MaGaffer”, “Nyuchi” with Suluman Chimbetu and Ollah Juru, to mention but a few.

If there is an artiste who has taken Zimbabwean dancehall by storm, it must be Killer T.

His songs such as “Tirikumhanya”, “Makarova Gunners”, “Suspects”, “Officer Mirai Chirukazi” and “Ziso Rako Hameno”, have become popular at watering holes and clubs.

Born Kelvin Kusikwenyu, Killer T has become a household name not only in Mbare but in other high-density suburbs.

His signature tune, the gun sound “Po po po”, has become synonymous with ghetto youths and even rivals in the dancehall genre are forced by fans to chant the slogan once they get on stage. Now popularly known as the “Chairman”, he is back and claiming his top spot.

Source : The Herald