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Once again I would like to say congratulations to the Zimbabwean pair Butterphly and JJ for making it to the final of Big Brother Hotshots. It is just a week before the winner is announced and it is with great pride that this week we look at the reality show which only ran for 63 days.

Given a chance I am sure that together with all fellow compatriots we would love to see Butterphly or JJ winning the grand prize of US$300 000 but this all depends on how Zimbabweans vote.

The duo did their part and indeed they represented Zimbabwe to the fullest and now it’s entirely up to Africa to decide.

Now ironically comes the difficult part as we just may let the big one get away because both our representatives have done well.

From the look of things, Zimbabweans are divided as to who to vote this week.

It is a dilemma because Zimbabwe unlike other countries has two housemates in the house who are both eyeing the prize money.

I know most viewers know how difficult it is to choose between two people. Obviously, people don’t always agree on who to choose between two people. I confess to being conflicted myself.

Although she came to the party later, I enjoyed Butterphly as much as I did JJ. Colleagues from ZBC have been very supportive of Butterphly.

Yours truly also became good friends with Butterphly’s brother Taguma, who attended every eviction show party held at the Book Cafe courtesy of MultiChoice Zimbabwe.

This year’s Big Brother eviction parties have been well attended thanks to Liz Dziva of MultiChoice Zimbabwe.

She made sure that the parties were well organised and featured performances by Zimbabwean artistes the likes of Tehn Diamond, BaShupi, Clare Nyakujara, Edith WeUtonga and Stunner among others who took part.

Meanwhile, things are set to be tense this whole week as the remaining housemates are pondering what they would do should they win the money.

So it means there is less entertainment as anxiety grows in the house.

Besides the Zimbabwean pair, there is also Idris (Tanzania) M’am Bea (Ghana) Macky2 (Zambia) Nhlanhla (South Africa) Sipe (Malawi) and Tayo (Nigeria).

If I were to be asked who I would want to win the prize I am patriotic and say either of the Zimbabweans is fine with me.

But if it cannot be, I would choose those countries that have never won anything before, like perhaps Malawi’s Sipe or Ghanaian M’am Bea.

The reasons being that the two ladies did quite well to get to the finals unlike previous representatives from their countries and would make history.

But again if you look at the competition you will notice that there are more than two frontrunners.

This reduces the chances of Zimbabwe making any meaningful impact because first and foremost each of the countries represented will choose first their housemates before they can look for alternatives.

So what this means is all the countries will be battling to win the Rest of Africa vote which unfortunately can go any which way as one cannot predict the logic of voters in those countries which have been voted out such as Mozambique, Botswana, Uganda, Namibia, Kenya and Rwanda.

To make matters worse for our representatives, the regional vote is split as South Africa, Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe all have finalists.

This is likely to give East or West African countries a better chance of winning since in SADC votes will be split into four.

Like mentioned earlier, there are no clear frontrunners in this series and even if you look at the housemates they lacked in some way.

Tayo is very temperamental remember those tantrums he threw at Miss P? Idris is a bit confused when it comes to matters of the heart, remember he was torn between Ellah and Goitse?

Sipe is likeable but also arrogant at times.

M’am Bea tried her best but comes across as reserved person while JJ was witty but a bit intimidating.

This is perhaps the reason he didn’t find any love in the house.

Butterphly was intelligent and likeable while Nhlanhla is annoying at times. Macky 2 is reserved and a man of few words.

After all is said and done there has to be a winner and the question is who is a better devil in the Hotshot season?, Now the question is up to the multitude of Africans, let’s play our part?

Source : The Herald