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Zimbabwean gospel artistes are set to write their own piece of history when they take part in the inaugural Eternity Gospel Music Festival to be held in six Canadian cities next month.

The artistes are Baba Mechanic Manyeruke, Bethan Pasinawako, Llyod Tevedzai, Wellington Kwenda, Thembalami, Primrose Njewa and music producer MacDonald Chidavaenzi popularly known as “MacDee” in music circles.

The tour of Canada was made possible thanks to a deal that MacDee inked with some music promoters based in Canada – Jambs Multi-Media from Edmonton as well as Stamcam Promotions based in Ontario.

Said MacDee: “When we toured Canada with Sabastian Magacha last year, these promoters expressed interest in working with Zimbabwean artistes and they also expressed the need for Zimbabwean artistes to constantly go and perform for Zimbabweans who are based in that country.

“Saba’s shows were very successful and that is how they decided to create a culture of bringing Zimbabweans artistes to their country,” he said.

MacDee said this was a very big step in the right direction not only for his Eternity Productions stable but also for Zimbabweans at large.

“This is a very big step in the right direction. It shows people out there are now gaining confidence in us. We are finally growing our industry and we are breaking barriers.

“We want to penetrate the proper international market since people thought that gospel was stuck in one place and hit the ceiling by just concentrating on the local market,” he said.

The seven artistes – whose visas have already been secured – are set to leave Zimbabwe on May 28 and their first concert is scheduled for May 30 in Winnipeg.

The following day, they will then perform in Vancouver, before they depart for Edmonton for a concert on June 7. On June 14, they invade Calgary, while June will see them performing in Montreal.

“Our last show is in Toronto on June 21 and we are geared up to give our best,” said MacDee.

This is not Baba Manyeruke”s first international tour as he had some in the past and the seasoned and veteran singer will not disappoint with his mellow brand of spiritually uplifting songs like “Madhimoni”, “Nyika Yakanaka” as well as new songs taken off the new album “Muchandiziva Here?”

Source : The Herald