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A MAYOR in Masvingo, South of Zimbabwe, has filed charges against two community leaders after angry residents they mobilised for a heated meeting assaulted him after taking him hostage.

Mayor Hubert Fidze has laid charges against Masvingo Residents Trust Co-coordinator, Prosper Tiringindi, and the organization’s Chairman, Tamutsa Chikopera, following the incident that allegedly happened in April.

This followed a meeting to discuss deteriorating service delivery in Masvingo.

The event ended prematurely as angry residents the Masvingo Residents Trust had mobilised reportedly held Fidze hostage.

Tempers flared at the meeting after Fidze, flanked by the Town Clerk, Adolf Gusha, tried to explain to the residents that he needed time to respond to some of the questions.

It is said Fidze told the residents they should also book a meeting with him, which they did not take kindly to.

Some residents are said to have dismissed his explanation and hurled insults at him while others manhandled him.

Alert municipal police at the town’s civic centre came to the mayor’s rescue.

Tiringindi and Chikopera will appear in court next Tuesday.

Source : CAJ News Agency