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Zimbabwean model Letwin Tatenda Tiwaringenbsp did the nation proud when she was adjudged the fifth runner-up in the World Next Model pageant held in Beirut, Lebanon, recently.

The vivacious beauty put up a sterling act in a tight contest that pitted 45 models from all over the world.

Letwin made it into the top five with the crown going to Venezuela while models from Syria and Greece were voted the first and second runners-up respectively.

Hungary and Bosnia and Herzegovinia also made it into the top five.

An ecstatic Letwin said she was happy in lifting the Zimbabwean flag high and attributed her fine show to the grace of God.

“I am happy. The competition was very stiff but before the finals Prophet Walter Magaya had prayed and told me that I was going to make it and come back home with a sash so I still held on to the faith.

“Every time when I compete for a pageant he tells me the results before the finals, so I knew that it was going to work out for me,” she said.

For her performance, Letwin (former Miss Southern Africa Zimbabwe 2012) managed to ink a contract with a modelling agency apart from pocketing a cash prize and other accessories.

“I won a contract with a top Arabic agency in the Middle East, US$1 000, jewellery and cosmetics. We were also given clothes to wear every day for the whole month and for the final night Academy of Fashion Designing based in Lebanon provided us with the garments,” she said.

She said she owed her success to Mary Chiwenga, the chairperson of the Miss Zimbabwe Trust, for her support and grooming, adding that she was going to give another shot at the Miss World Zimbabwe next year.

“Yes, I’m definitely going back to try again for Miss Zimbabwe next year. I used some of the things I learnt from Mai Chiwenga and I hope she is proud of me,” said the lanky model.

Her stint at the World Next Model opened windows to learn new things, and one of them iwas languages.

“I learnt that English is not the only important language in this world. Sometimes I would feel out of place when 80 percent of the girls were speaking in French. I was inspired to learn French and Arabic.

“The people were very nice although they are not used to seeing black people, so sometimes they would give me funny looks. We visited the beach many times. Beirut is one of the oldest cities in the world. It was amazing and we had so much fun for the whole month.

“We stayed at Omonot Hotel, which has as five-star rating. The food was also amazing and really delicious although we had to be careful not to gain weight,” she said.

She said the sky is the limit for her and with this latest feat, she is going to venture into even greater things.

“This pageant has opened many doors for me and now I can use the title wherever I go. I hope to keep on climbing the ladder, finish school and venture into other careers like reality TV, acting and maybe music in Johannesburg.”

Source : The Herald