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TROUBLED Zimbabwe Saints will have to wait a little bit longer before they can resume their campaign in the Zifa Southern Region Division One soccer league as they are yet to pay affiliation fees for this season.

The club had earlier this week, through their organising secretary Jabulani Chinyangarara, said that they had made part payment and would resume their matches today.

But Zifa Southern Region board member Bryton Malandule said they have not yet received anything from the club.

“I am not aware of those payments, I haven’t received anything from them. The only money they paid is the outstanding referee’s fee of US$240. We have cancelled their matches for now and we will meet as an executive to map the way forward, then aise them accordingly. This cannot carry on forever.

“We can’t issue a statement to the media now but all we can say is they are owing the league money, their games have been suspended until they make a payment,” said Malandule. The former Premiership giants were supposed to take on Black Boots today but the match has been postponed meaning they will now be three games behind schedule in the league.

However, Chinyangarara, who is also Zifa regional board member responsible for fixtures, was singing a different tune as he said the postponement of today’s match was not related to their failure to pay the affiliation fee. “They were supposed to play Black Boots this week but Black Boots are having their uniformed forces Games that’s why the game has been postponed.

“They had asked for the match to be postponed because some of their players are in the Games, so it’s just a coincidence,” said Chinyangarara.

Chinyangara conceded that all was not well and morale was low at the club but said they had a meeting on Thursday with the players to resolve their problems.

“Definitely morale in the camp is low, I want to be honest, because the boys have been coming for training for three weeks and there has been no action.

“Some of the boys are getting confused and asking if they are ever going to play” said Chinyangarara.

Source : The Herald