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Zimbabwe needs to regain the confidence of its international partners and the global business community for the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation programme to be successful, France’s Ambassador to Zimbabwe said.

There have been repeated calls from economic analysts for Government to restore good relations with the international financial community, which would enable the resumption of direct international financing to different entities in the country.

Speaking at an occasion to mark France’s Bastille Day in Harare on Monday, French Ambassador to Zimbabwe Laurent Delahousse said engagement is the catalyst for economic revival for any nation.

“Hope for economic revival has been renewed by the message of engagement presented by the new Government of Zimbabwe and this hope rests on solid foundations of engagement by the same Government,” said Ambassador Delahousse.

He said Zimbabwe should correct the negative perception among international financiers as well as some global partners.

“Zimbabwe must correct the negative perception of its name and alleviate the so-called “country risk” that is a major contributor to the stifled economy. There is need to establish a business-friendly climate that enables companies to thrive,” he said.

The Government after the harmonised elections last year presented an economic blueprint Zim-Asset which seeks to addresses many challenges being faced by the country.

Source : The Herald