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Communication is a two-way process and this was well achieved last Wednesday when a live-stream discussion on the Victims of Slavery between Zimbabwean and Nigerian by students was conducted with a host from the UN Headquarters in New York.

The United Nations Information Centre in collaboration with the Zimbabwe United Nations Association (ZUNA) organised the International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade remembrance.

It is known that each year the UN agencies across the world commemorate this day honouring the curse of slavery.

This year’s commemorations ran under the theme “Victory over Slavery” in relation to fighting against slavery in nations around the world.

A major highlight was on abuse of children especially forced labour known back then as “chibharo”. Glen View High 1 School student Busi Manyoro (17) explained her understanding of forced labour.

“Forced labour exists in Zimbabwe and it is a good example of modern day slavery. I will not mention names but some students have to first perform certain hard labour tasks before they go to school.

“After watching a documentary on slavery, it raised eyebrows that even my counterparts from Nigeria can testify. I understood that families should keep close ties to promote unity among them,” she said.

UNESCO Slave Route Project also marked the 20th anniversary of the, launch to break the silence surrounding the slave trade and its consequences.

“I believe these commemorations of brave people who were made to suffer must be a lesson to us as it still applies in today’s life situations. People tend to look too far yes it is history but let us take a leaf of real life situations. This occasion will also stand as a constant reminder of the courage of slaves, abolitionists and unsung heroes who helped end the oppression of slavery.

“It will promote greater recognition of the contribution that slaves and their descendants have made in their societies,” said Liberty Mutsvairo from Mufakose 1 High School.

Around the world, millions of people are subject to human trafficking, debt bondage, sexual slavery and domestic servitude while the perpetrators of these violations of human rights operate with impunity.

Source : The Herald