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Interestingly to note, there are not so many people in the world who aren’t familiar with Justin Bieber. Whether you love him or hate him, he has become a household name. At just 18 years old, he has achieved a level of stardom that many people spend their whole lives trying to reach.

Well, JB was discovered on the Internet website YouTube. YouTube is a site known for its international and diversified video content.

Yippee, the same scenario is also unfolding with our own Zimbabwean-born singer Kelvin Jones, who has reached a whooping million views on YouTube with his song “Call You Home”.

The UK-based 19-year-old’s song has close to 900 000 views while covers of Aloe Blacc’s “I Need a Dollar” and “Superstitious” by Stevie Wonder have also received more than 100 000 views the day both songs were posted.

“He is a guru on the site,” said top local rapper Schingy.

His song has also received a mention on Good Morning America.

In a telephone interview with CLS Kelvin, who is currently studying towards a Civil Engineering degree at Portsmouth University, said he began his musical journey at the age of four.

“It all started when I got a guitar at the age of four and has been playing it although I’m still perfecting my play to this day.

“On the other hand I started seriously making compositions last year, writing my own lyrics and performing them,” he said.

Kelvin said his song was accidentally uploaded on redditt but it received a sterling appreciation, recording more than 900 000 up votes which translates that to more than 900 000 online users who got to listen to it and gave it thumbs up.

Kelvin also revealed that he now has assembled enough songs to come up with a debut album and fans in the UK have already sampled some of them.

“I have performed quiet a number of shows in the UK including cities such as London, Portsmouth, Southampton, Bath and Brighton and fans have shown that they really appreciate the music but I’m just beginning so I still need to develop before I can see myself as a star.”

“Some of the songs which have been appreciated include ‘If you know’, ‘Wait for me’, ‘The Paramount Deceptions of a Concubine’ and they are set to be on the upcoming album,” said the musician, who says he got inspiration from John Mayer and BB King.

Kelvin thanked his parents for their tremendous support.

“I give thanks to my parents for all the support they have given me and everyone in general for sticking with me throughout and I hope people will continue supporting me and giving me the zeal to do what I enjoy doing which is music,” he said.

The “Call You Home” singer said he would love to collaborate with other artistes in Zimbabwe,

“Given a chance I would love to do a collabo with any Zimbabwean artiste as here in the UK they are loved. It would broaden the fan base as well as helping me develop in the music industry. This will help me learn a thing or two from them and make me an even better musician,” he said.

The cool singer said his biggest dream was to perform in Zimbabwe. “I can’t wait for the day that I will be performing back home in Zimbabwe but for now I will just keep concentrating on becoming a better musician,” he said.

For the fans in Zimbabwe, Kelvin’s music is available for download on YouTube and iTunes.

He was born in Chitungwiza and later moved to the UK at the age of nine years and has been abroad ever since.

On teen-ville Kelvin is a force to reckon with because he has proved that arts pay.

Source : The Herald