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DEPUTY Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Godfrey Gandawa, has said local universities are a disservice and this was evident in the fact that the economy continued to slump despite the country producing more graduates.

He said it was high time the government used universities as think tanks that formulated sound policies to help turn the economy around.

Gandawa gave reference to European countries and the United States of America where universities are used as think tanks to help government with research policies.

“The problem with Zimbabweans is that we boast of having high intellectual capacity but our economy is going down.

“Universities must be used as think tanks and at the moment they are a disservice. We need independent researchers who can help the country out of the economic problems,” said Gandawa during the tour of Zimbabwe Open University recently.

He said the country was in need of straight forward researchers who are not afraid to tell the truth.

“We don’t want researches who want to please certain individuals,” said Gandawa.

He said local universities were producing half-baked graduates who are failing to make inroads into the new world of technology.

“Things are changing every day and our graduates are failing to make it in today’s world because they are learning more of theories than practical. We should move with the times,” said Gandawa.

Source : New Zimbabwe