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LEADING peace and human rights activist Jestina Mukoko has said delays by government in establishing the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC) is preventing women from enjoying their fundamental rights.

Mukoko, who is the Zimbabwe Peace Project national director, said because government was reluctant to establish the NPRC which they hoped to express their concerns through, women have nothing to celebrate.

She said this Sunday which was the International Women’s Day.

“The constitution says we must have the commission but it is now almost 24 months and we still do not have that commission,” she said in an interview with NewZimbabwe.com.

Mukoko said the establishment of the NPRC stood to heal the wounds of women who were the major victims of political violence the country has continued to experience since independence in 1980.

“When you look at the trail of disaster in terms of violence and the episodes of conflict that we have had in Zimbabwe, it is the woman who has suffered the most and as such women are yearning out there saying when is this commission going to come up.

“The commission that is going to hear their concerns and also help in terms of healing them and provide reconciliation and hopefully provide cohesion in our society,” she said.

Mukoko was herself a victim of state terrorism in the run up to the June 2008 presidential runoff elections when she was abducted by state security agents.

It is hoped that the NPRC will ensure effective participation of women in all initiatives to secure accountability and redress for previous violations and abuses.

On paper the NPRC is meant to ensure gender mainstreaming in the planning and implementation of its programmes to allow women to fully participate and benefit from them.

The unit is also going to be responsible for addressing gender-specific programmes and look at violations that have been perpetrated against women as a specific group.

Source : New Zimbabwe