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Organisers of the Zimbabwe Music Awards have released the categories for this year’s edition. The awards ceremony is set to take place on October 4 at Rainbow Towers hotel in Harare. The organisers yesterday signed a Memorandum of Understanding with South African company, Cutting Edge that would assist in organising the awards. The pact will last for the next three years.

Cutting Edge has organised South Africa Music Awards, Namibia Music Awards, South Africa Fashion Week and Awards, Royal Soapie Awards and South Africa Sports Awards among others.

Speaking at a Press conference yesterday, Cutting Edge managing director, Michelle Fernandes said she was happy working with Zima.

“We are really excited about Zima and looking forward to working with the organisers. We do a lot of awards ceremonies back home.

“We have noticed that Zimbabwean artistes have passion for music and are optimistic. They are very serious about music and it is definitely time to give back. We can guarantee you the best,” she said.

“We spent many days and nights having workshops on how we can produce something different for Zimbabwe that is going to be big as a whole to recognise artistes’ hard work,” she said.

Asked if there are any international or regional artistes to grace the awards ceremony, she said for now it is a surprise.

“The Zima talk will continue until the event day. For now we will keep it a secret on who is coming. We want to keep you in suspense,” she said.

She said there is going to be a new system in submission of entries.

“We are going to implement an electronic entry system. Artistes can do so through their mobile phones or Internet instead of filling their details on papers which sometimes have a lot of errors. We have specifically designed the system for them. The information will then go to the judges who will use the same system and it will go to the auditors.

“Somehow we will accommodate some artistes who don’t have the facilities for the electronic system. Everything is run in a proper manner through electronic system,” she said.

Fernandes added that the public is also involved on one category, which is voting for the Song of the Year. She said artistes will this year walk away with a gongs as there is no monetary prize.

Zima chairperson Joseph Nyadzayo said the electronic system was a positive move in the industry.

He said the categories are accommodating all genres in the local music sector. The categories came up after through workshops and meeting which were held in Bulawayo and Harare respectively. Entries will close on August 4 with nominees’ announcement set for August 29.

Below are the categories:

Top 5

Best Female Artiste of the Year

Best Male Artiste of the Year

Best DuoGroup of the Year

Best Newcomer of the Year

AlbumEP of the Year

Special Awards

Song of the year

International Achievement

Lifetime AchievementCheukashure

Chairman’s Award

Album Genre Super category

Best traditional music

Best choral music

Best a’capella music

Best sungura music

Best tshibilika music

Best hip hop music

Best house music

Best r’n’b music

Best afro pop music

Best dancehall music

Best jazz music

Best traditional gospel music

Best contemporary gospel music

Best alternative music

Best collaboration

Best Single

Technical category

Best music video of the year

Best producer of the year

Best engineer of the year

Source : The Herald