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Even stagnation requires renewal, as Robert Mugabe well knows – he is the master of changing things up just to keep them the same (for himself at least). The latest Zanu-PF party conference, which concluded on Saturday, was a textbook example of this. In maintaining his status quo, President Mugabe fundamentally altered Zimbabwe’s political landscape – and sacrificed a few high-profile comrades in the process. SIMON ALLISON picks out the key moments, and what they mean for the country.

Ruling party conferences are, typically, rather dull, stage-managed affairs. This is especially true in Zimbabwe, where Robert Mugabe is firmly in control of Zanu-PF and has been for decades. But the 2014 edition of the Zanu-PF jamboree was different: this time, change was in the air, and questions needed to be answered. Was this the end for the Joyce Mujuru faction? Would the 90-year-old Mugabe anoint a successor? What role would his wife Grace Mugabe play?

President Mugabe, ever the genius political strategist, did not disappoint. By the conclusion of the party conference on Saturday, Zimbabwe’s political landscape looked completely different to how it had before. “This is uncharted territory,” said Piers Pigou, southern Africa director for the International Crisis Group….

Source : Daily Maverick