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A ZIMBABWEAN cross-border taxi operator plunged to his death from a 10th floor building in Johannesburg while fleeing from South African police on Friday.

Gift Dube, 41, is said to have been holding captive seven Zimbabweans who he had illegally helped enter South Africa without valid travel documents.

The Zimbabweans had been transported to Johannesburg “on credit” on the understanding that their relatives would pay the fare when they arrive.

But when they arrived in Hillbrow, a sprawling slum in Johannesburg, the relatives failed to raise the required amount leading to Dube holding the Zimbabweans captive till the bill had been settled.

Hillbrow police station spokesperson, Sergeant Mduduzi Zondo, said they raided the flat in Hillbrow after a tip-off.

“The police got information that there were some people who were being kept against their will in the flat,” said Zondo.

“When they got into the flat they found three females, two males and a child in the kitchen and the three suspects ran to the bathroom.

“Two managed to escape through the tenth floor flat window and the third one aged 41 fell and died.”

A cousin of the deceased, Morgan Ngwenya, told NewZimbabwe.com that his cousin panicked when the police stormed the flat.

“He tried to escape through the window but slipped and fell to his death,” he said.

Ngwenya also denied that his late cousin had brought the Zimbabweans into the country.

“Those people who were in his house were not brought by him to South Africa. We suspect that one of the relatives of the people brought from Zimbabwe did not want to pay and tipped the police,” he said.

Since 2000, millions of Zimbabweans have fled a political and economic crisis back home most of them to South Africa.

However, some of these Zimbabweans do not have valid travel papers and rely on cross-border taxi operators to help them cross the border.

Some taxi operators are said to be charging between R1 000 and R1 500 to help these individuals cross into South Africa.

Source : New Zimbabwe