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Jonathan Denga is an internationally recognised face who is among one of the most successful black male models to come out of the African continent.

Since winning the top male title in the inaugural Zimbabwe Super Model competition, he went on to model for G3 Model Agency and Base Model Agency in South Africa.

This was followed by work in London with Gavin’s Model Agency as well as representation by Names Model Agency in Milan, Italy and Traffic in Spain, Madrid. He then returned to South Africa were he continued his successful modelling career.

His work in print, television, and outdoor campaigns for fashion icons such as Vivienne Westwood in the UK to multinational brands such as Gillette and Coca Cola from Southern Africa to West Africa has made him an instantly recognizable face that has made Zimbabwe and Africa proud.

He has also featured in numerous local campaigns, appearances and award ceremonies in South Africa. He won the Top Male Model in “Bridal Africa Model” for four years in a row and was one of 8 men to take part in the first ever South African fashion week as well as Cape Town Nokia fashion week.

Life after the Catwalk

Jonathan has a passion for inspiring executives to be well groomed and believes that with fierce competition in the corporate world, immaculate grooming gives a competitive edge.

Therefore, he is using the global experience he has acquired to assist Zimbabwean executives with solutions that elevate their grooming and image at work and home.

To this end he is launching a fully-fledged Zimbabwean suiting brand JD INC (Made to Measure) with a specialised bespoke product JONATHAN DENGA “BESPOKE”. It is targeted at the Zimbabwean working man with the intention of turning them into some of the best dressed men on the continent.

Clearly, Jonathan wants to be the “Ozwald Boateng” of Zimbabwe and Africa. With the launch of his Bespoke brand, he has started producing fashion shows to bring the international fashion showcasing to Zimbabwe at par with the rest of the world.

Jonathan is a transformation speaker who equips people with the necessary life skills to excel in their chosen vocation.

As part of his repertoire he provides consultancy services in the following areas customer service, business protocol, grooming, chivalry, business etiquette, brand internalisation and the art of fine dining “client entertainment”.

His successes on the catwalk, screens and billboards paved way for multitudes of models that have gone and raised the flag for the nation not only in South Africa but across the globe.

Thank you for trail blazing Jonathan Denga!

Source : Zimbabwe Standard